* DISCLAIMER: We are environmentally friendly to the degree that we use no chemicals or pesticides and work toward creating a healthy environment.. We can accommodate some people with Environmental Illness or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. It is the responsibility of each person with environmental health problems when making a reservation to be sure that it is suitable for them before finalizing a reservation. Our same cancellation policies apply to all guests.

perfume free



Products used in the cottage for laundry and cleaning:
(You can check the individual websites for additional information.
All products are fragrance-free and respectful of both you and the environment.

I use their Powdered Laundry Detergent and Non-Chlorine Bleach.

Ultra dishwashing liquid -. Contains no ammonia or other harsh ingredients, and has only the scent of our formula's coconut oil based cleaner.

Bon Ami Cleanser - contains no chlorine, perfume or dye.
Diluted white Vinigar is used for the window cleaning.

"Safer building and maintenance products. Whether you are an architect specifying materials for a fifty story building or a parent decorating a baby's room, AFM's promise is the same: we strive to set
the standard for the safest, most non-polluting products for your home, your health and the planet.
Back in the early 80's, no one was thinking about indoor air pollution or chemical toxicity in household
and building products. But AFM was working with environmental medicine physicians and their patients - people with allergies and chemical sensitivities - to formulate products that do not leave irritating chemical residues in the air after use. Today, we remain the only company to provide a complete range of chemically responsible building and maintenance products. This is all we do".

www.benjaminmoore.com -
I use their eco Spec paints - Low Odor/Low VOCs

Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator
"Eliminates the most difficult, organic stains, odors and waste the way nature intended. Bac-Out is a very unique blend of natural living enzyme cultures and botanical extracts, with more strains of cultures for more effective performance than commercial brands. Great for carpets, upholstery, laundry, bathrooms, diapers, drains, septic tanks, garbage pails and chutes, pet runs and kennels. Even eliminates pet and mildew stains and odors. Removes coffee, berry, blood, mustard, tomato stains, and much more. Contains no plain enzymes, alcohol or perfume cover-ups. Preferred by professional carpet cleaners for tough stains and odors"

Designed for people with everyday air quality concerns. The HealthMate™ removes virtually all airborne particles by performing several critical air quality remediation functions. The HealthMate's 4-stage filtration system contains True Medical Grade HEPA and Activated Carbon, eliminating airborne particles, chemicals, odors and gases..


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